Do you want to train freediving but don’t know how to start or build your training plan? Or do you want to be in the best shape for your first freediving competition? Then, our online freediving coaching program for you!

With more than seven years of experience teaching and coaching freedivers of all levels, from complete beginners to national record holders, Kaizen Freediving’s online coaching program will help you maximize your potential and reach your goals safely and effectively.

Freediving ONLINE coaching
Freediving ONLINE coaching

Our individual monthly online coaching program includes four weekly training plans and four-hour one-on-one Zoom calls. Each training plan is based on individual needs and might consist of STA, DYN, DNF, dry training, and EQ training (based on your goals).

The training plan will include special breathing and stretching exercises to maximize your potential. Insides from YOGA, Wim Hoff method, Oxygen Advantage program, and much more!

The number of training sessions per week is usually four, but it can be adjusted depending on your current freediving shape and your schedule.
In the Zoom session, we discuss some theoretical aspects of freediving and the science behind your training plan.
You will receive feedback on your technique and how to improve it (an underwater camera is needed).

And we are open to discussing in freediving related questions, which you might find interesting, even if it’s not directly connected to your freediving training plan 🙂

There are some other online coaching programs. So why should you choose ours? 

  • an individual training plan based on your needs 
  • using the science and the best practices from the freediving athletes to make your training plan effective and safe
  • weekly adjustments based on your results of a previous week
  • speed up your progress (with a focus on your safety)
  •  improvement in all areas (technique, flexibility, high CO2/lactate tolerance, low O2 tolerance, mental adaptation, etc)
  • competitive price

Check out our tutorial how to do an arm stroke in Freediving

Price: 130 USD per month

20% deposit also can be paid in cryptocurrency.