Freediving Training

Improve Your Freediving Technique on our pool or open water training session!

All Koh Tao freediving training sessions are guided by one of our highly-trained freediving instructors. They will help you plan a training routine, give you feedback about your freediving techniques, and act as your safety diver.

Our training sessions on Koh Tao have a flexible schedule, and we can work around your personal needs and timeframe.

Koh Tao Morning Freediving Training Session

08:00-09:30: Pool Training

Depending on your preferences, we can do static or dynamic apnea training (with or without fins) at the pool. The main focus of this session is technique; however, if you are in good shape, we can also help you achieve your new personal best.

In addition, we can do a dry training session instead of pool training upon request. Dry training can include special breathing and relaxation techniques and stretching/mobility routines designed specifically for freedivers.

Afternoon Training Session

13:00-15:00: Open Water Training

Depending on your current freediving level and weather conditions, we can provide you with a water depth up to 40 meters. An open-water session is 90 minutes long, and around 15 minutes will be spent getting to the diving spot by boat. Upon request, we can do Freediving Fun Diving (freediving on a reef) instead of line training.

All freediving training sessions include the following:

  • A freediving instructor to act as a safety buddy
  • A maximum of 3 persons per freediving instructor
  • All freediving equipment for both pool and open-water freediving
  • boat fee

For the more productive freediving open water training, we reccomend you to spend some time doing “dry” equalization exercises. If you don’t know how, watch this Frenzel equalization tutorial.


  • open water training session 1200 Thai Baht (33 USD)
  • pool training session 400 Thai Baht (10 USD)
  • open water + pool session 1400 Thai Baht (38 USD)

Freediving training packages are available upon request!

If you are looking for a more personal approach, we provide individual freediving coaching sessions. Our experienced freediving instructor trainer, will work with you individually, evaluating your current technique and finding the best training exercises for your level and goals, which will help you, improve your performance in the most effective way.


  • open water training session 2500 Thai Baht (75 USD)
  • pool training session 1000 Thai Baht (30 USD)
  • open water + pool session 3000 Thai Baht (90 USD)

Freediving coaching packages are available upon request!

If you are not planning to visit Koh Tao any time soon, check out our ONLINE COACHING PROGRAM!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask; we will be happy to help you!