Equalization for Freediving

The most challenging part of freediving is equalization. 

If you have never done freediving along the line, the biggest challenge is equalization. Even if you have scuba diving before (even if you are a scuba instructor!), it’s not guaranteed that you can equalize during a freediving session. 

There are two main reasons why it’s more difficult to equalize. 

First of all, you hold your breath. 

Second, your lungs get smaller on the way down since you are not breathing compressed air. 

And the last reason is the upside-down position.

If you have already tried a freediving course and couldn’t finish it because of equalization, don’t think freediving is not for you! With the right mindset and the correct set of exercises, you can fix equalization issues in a reasonable amount of time. 

Our equalization workshop is specifically designed to help beginner freedivers sort out their equalization problems.

The equalization workshop is 90 minutes long and has three parts.

  1. EQ anatomy and function. With a detailed understanding of what is going on when you equalize, it will be easier to fix your problem.
  2. Frenzel maneuver. We will briefly discuss the benefits of Frenzel and the main steps. Then, the central part would be practical exercises with various equalization tools. 
  3. Upside-down equalization. This is probably the biggest problem on a beginner freediving course.

If you already can equalize upside down and want to improve Frenzel equalization, instead of # 3, we will learn more about Deep Frenzel. 

Optionally, we can discuss Frenzel-Fattah (mouthfill) equalization, how it can benefit your deep diving, practice some dry exercises, and how to start practising mouthfill equalization in the water. 

We don’t promise you a miracle. There is a big chance that your equalization problem won’t be fixed after just one workshop. But you will have a clear path to improving it, and with the right amount of time, success is just around the corner. 

If you are not in Thailand, we can also do your equalization workshop online, or you can watch our equalization tutorial here!

PRICE: 1000 baht (30 USD)