Master Freediver

Accept the Ultimate Challenge and Become a Master Freediver

The Master Freediving course is an ultimate freediving challenge due to its set of serious requirements, including a depth requirement of 32-40 meters underwater, a static apnea requirement of 3.30 minutes, and a dynamic apnea requirement of 70 meters. These requirements may sound tough, but you will be able to handle them with the support and guidance of our experienced team. The Master Freediver course is also a perfect stepping stone on the way to becoming a freediving instructor.


Our Freediving Instructor Trainer will be your mentor and work on your individual training program, considering your previous results, strengths, and weaknesses. Your training plan will be revised weekly according to your progress and timeframe.

Our standard Master Freediver course consists of three weeks of intense freediving training. However, if you have limited time, please get in touch with us about a shorter version of the course.

The PADI Master Freediver course includes theory, dry training, pool, and open water sessions. The course schedule varies individually and can be adjusted if you need more time to work on your equalization, static apnea, or depth adaptation. The individualized plan helps you to progress safely and avoid any potential injuries.

Theory Sessions

During theory sessions, you will refresh what you learned in previous courses and learn new skills. New skills such as mastering mouthfill equalization, physical and mental preparations in freediving, and more. Additionally, you will build your training plan.

Pool Session

The pool requirements for the Master Freediver course are challenging, but with the guidance of your mentor, you will pass them safely and comfortably. Our focus will be on relaxation, a better technique, and gradual adoption. These improvements will help you hold your breath for more than three and a half minutes, as well as swim underwater more than 70 meters with fins and 50 meters without fins.

Open Water Training

At the open water sessions, you will refine and improve crucial parts of your technique, such as your streamline position, duck dive, efficient kicking, deep equalization, and so on.

A maximum of three students per buoy will guarantee that you have enough time to concentrate on your technique. Most of the sessions will be under the direct supervision of your instructor, who will provide you with safety and feedback.

You will improve your safety skills and dive comfortably between 32 to 40 meters by the end of the course.

We will film your dives and analyze them later in the classroom to better understand what should be improved in your technique or body position for both pool and open water training.

Dry Training

To maximize your time on Koh Tao, you will practice unique freediving routines on dry days, such as diaphragm stretching, pranayama breathing, and exercises for thoracic mobility and lungs capacity development. We also go through a series of workshops, such as rope management, mental training, and equalization, which are specifically helpful for master freedivers planning to become freediving instructors in the future.

How Can You Join the Course?
You don’t need to wait for a specific day to start, as Master Freediver courses begin upon request. Just let us know when you would like to start, and we can arrange the course around your schedule.

The PADI Master Freediver course includes:

  • A PADI freediving online manual
  • A weekly-adjusted, individual training plan
  • Weekly video analysis of your technique
  • Rental of all freediving equipment (including a freediving computer)
  • International certification upon successful completion

To enroll in a PADI Master Freediver course, you must be:
certified as a PADI Advanced Freediver or equivalent
18 years old

Course duration: 3-4 weeks

Course price: 28.000 Thai Baht (810 USD)

10% deposit also can be paid in cryptocurrency.

To make sure that you are prepared to pass the freediving course we reccomend you to check out Frenzel Equalization tutorial.

After completing the course you will have 15% discount for our ONLINE COACHING program!

If you want to book a course or have any questions, please fill the form below