Crossover to PADI Freediving Instructor

If you are already a freediving instructor but would like to work in a PADI freediving school, we will assist you in the crossover to PADI Freediving Instructor!

When PADI launched the Freediving program in November 2015, it quickly became a globally recognizable freediving organization. PADI is well known for its marketing policy, educational system, safety, and high professionalism of instructors. PADI remains the leader and the most recognizable brand in the diving industry.

Being a PADI Freediving Instructor will give you the highest chance to find a job worldwide because you can work in one of many PADI Dive centers! Another great option is that as PADI Freediving Instructor, you can work without affiliation to any PADI Dive center, which means you can be completely independent!

Freediving Instructor Crossover Koh Tao Thailand

The crossover takes two days, focusing on the PADI approach to teaching, standards, and teaching system.

The course has three parts – a theory section, a pool, and an open-water session.

Freediving Instructor Crossover Koh Tao Thailand

The theory section of the PADI Freediving Instructor Crossover course covers PADI Standards for Freediver courses, risk management, legal responsibility, freediver safety, and freediving marketing.

On the pool and open water session, you will learn how to teach freediving skills on PADI Freediving courses.

Some cases require additional pool or open water training before the PADI Freediving Instructor crossover course (please get in touch with us for more information).

To sign up for the PADI Freediver Instructor crossover, you should:

– other organization qualifying Freediving Instructor 

– be at least 18 years old

– be the Current Emergency First Response (CPR / First Aid) Instructor*    

– provide a medical statement signed by a physician within 12 months

* If you haven’t yet completed Emergency First Response (CPR / First Aid) Instructor, you can do it with our school as well. This course takes two days.

Course Price: 14,000 THB (425 USD)

(Price includes PADI materials, excludes PADI fee).

20% deposit also can be paid in cryptocurrency.

If you want to book a course or have questions, please fill out the form below.