Freediving Training Plan

This program is for beginner Freedivers or intermediate Freedivers who have been inactive for a while and want to start from scratch. The main goal is to build a solid foundation for the future grows, which is the correct technique and ability to relax before and during a dive. Improvements in results (numbers) should be considered more like a positive side effect rather than the main goal. We highly recommend shifting your focus to a technique on this program.

We also include equalization practice in weekly training sessions to prepare you for depth freediving. If you think that your equalization is “fine”, and you don’t need to practice it on land – you are wrong.

Despite that we don’t emphasize such adaptations as high CO2 tolerance or low O2 tolerance, there will be some improvement in this as well through regular training.

Before starting this program, we highly recommend taking an official Freediving course with any Freediving education system, which has pool sessions as a part of a beginner course. If you are planning to do your Freediving course in Thailand – here you can find more details about the structure of the beginner course at our school.

Keep in mind that Freediving has potential risks, so, ALL pool sessions should be practiced ONLY with another Freediver (who should know how to do safety and rescue). Practicing alone even easy breath-hold is not acceptable. If you have any doubts whether you are healthy or not for Freediving, consult with a doctor.

This program is built for 3 months (12 weeks) and includes 3 pool training sessions per week – 36 pool training sessions for 3 months, 2 gym sessions (recommend bodyweight exercises) per week – 24 times for 3 months and 3-morning sessions per week – 36 times for 3 months

Feel free to extend the duration of this program if you need more time for progress. If you feel that suggested time and distances are way too easy for you, increase them but keep the technique as an absolute priority.

Most of the technique included in this program can be found on our YouTube channel (or will be added there soon)

If you need any further explanation about this program in general or some exercise in particular – don’t hesitate to ask in the questions section below.

If you are looking for more personal trainining, check out our individual ON-LINE coaching program

And one more time – you and your safety buddy should be confident in safety/rescue skills if you plan to train without supervision of Freediving instructor.

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  • Top right link – Freediving Training Plan – Week 1-4

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